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Ultrasound examination, ultrasound diagnostics Dnepropetrovsk

Ultrasound examination, ultrasound diagnosis of Dnipropetrovsk. Do ultrasound in Dnepropetrovsk can Veslava at the medical center. If you need U.S., then make an appointment you can directly through the website. The clinic Veslava in Dnepropetrovsk can be qualitatively and acceptable to do ultrasound on the left bank.Do ultrasound in Dnepropetrovsk can at the medical center. If you need U.S., then make an appointment you can directly through the website. The clinic Wieslaw in Dnepropetrovsk can be qualitatively and acceptable to do ultrasound on the left bank.

Ultrasound (U.S.) - non-invasive study of the human body by means of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound examination is generally considered a safe way to get information.

Very often, ultrasound diagnostics do during pregnancy (fetal ultrasound).

Ultrasound study plays an important role in the diagnosis of diseases of the internal organs, such as:

- Abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space (ultrasound of the abdominal cavity)

  • liver (liver ultrasound)
  • gallbladder and bile duct (ultrasound of the gallbladder)
  • pancreas (ultrasound of the pancreas)
  • Spleen (ultrasound spleen)
  • kidney (renal ultrasound)

- The pelvic organs (pelvic ultrasound)

  • ureters (U.S. ureters)
  • bladder (ultrasound of the bladder)
  • Prostate (ultrasound of the prostate)

Because of the relatively low cost and high availability of ultrasound is a widely used method of examination to diagnose a patient and quite a number of diseases such as cancer, chronic diffuse changes in the organs (diffuse changes in the liver and pancreas, kidney, and renal parenchyma, prostate, the presence of stones in the gall bladder, kidneys, and anomalies of the internal organs, fluid structures in organs, etc.

Ultrasound during pregnancy Dnepropetrovsk

Ultrasound during pregnancy Dnepropetrovsk, ultrasound during pregnancy is recommended to do three times. Ultrasound - a mandatory procedure in pregnancy. Distinguish between planned and unplanned ultrasound during pregnancy.Ultrasound during pregnancy recommended three times:

  • In the first trimester on the age 9-11 weeks
  • In the second trimester at 16-21 week period
  • In the third trimester, at 32-36 weeks of term

According to the testimony of the doctor may send the additional ultrasound, including an earlier period.

Why do ultrasound in the first trimester

  • Confirm a normal pregnancy
  • Determine the gestational
  • Determine the child's heart rate
  • Detect multiple pregnancies
  • Detect an ectopic pregnancy or threatened miscarriage
  • Identify problems placenta, uterus and pelvic organs
  • Determine the size of the neck area, the increased size of which indicate the possible presence of fetal malformations.

Why do ultrasound in the second and third trimesters

  • Determine the age of the child, his position, measured, and sometimes know the sex
  • Identify any problems of
  • Identify problems placenta, uterus and pelvic organs
  • Confirm the normal development of the internal organs
  • In the third trimester, in addition to study the structure of light

Medical Center Dnepropetrovsk
Анализы в Днепропетровске лаборатория Инвитро Днепропетровск
Vertebrologist Dnepropetrovsk
Гастроэнтеролог Днепропетровск
Hematologist Dnepropetrovsk
Gynecologist Dnepropetrovsk
Дерматолог-венеролог Днепропетровск
Nutritionist Dnepropetrovsk
Кардиолог Днепропетровск
Лазерное лечение шейки матки Днепропетровск
Лечение ожирения Днепропетровск
Speech therapist Dnepropetrovsk
ENT doctor Dnepropetrovsk
Body massage Dnepropetrovsk
Маммолог-онколог Днепропетровск
Невролог Днепропетровск
Педиатр-детский врач. Неонатолог Днепропетровск
Psychologist Dnepropetrovsk
Радиоволновое лечение шейки матки Днепропетровск
Терапевт Днепропетровск
Ultrasound Dnepropetrovsk
ФДТ (лазерная) в гинекологии Днепропетровск
Endocrinologist Dnepropetrovsk

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